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What You Gonna Read? Ghostlocker!

The Ghostlocker logo by Charles and Maurice MacPro is designed to entice readers to the series though some claim its friendly aspect will encourage the young for whom much of the output is "totally unsuitable". Dorset Trading Standards have been alerted.

Publishers The Threadbone Press have announced today a brand new imprint to add to its already impressive stable of fiction, non-fiction and [in collaboration with the RSCBE] scientific titles.

Intriguingly entitled Ghostlocker, the series will feature the very best in ghostwriting past and present. First to be published - and we suspect trailing on the coattails of the recently announced Threadbone Players Christmas staging of The Christmas Ghost [Puncknowle Village Hall December 19-23, tickets still available [Adults £12, children and concession £15]] - will be the collection of short stories written by Professor Brian Thupiece in 1969 under the title Professor Thrupiece's Horribly True Pieces.

These celebrated shavings from the Professor's ever fecund bench will "delight and scare in equal measure", says fellow ghostwriter Mary "Scary" Spookie and make for a perfect pre-Christmas evening if read aloud, in company and after several glasses of seasonal punch. [Seasonal punch is available ready-made from Threadboneextra for the very reasonable price of £6-50 per bottle.] ["The average family can get both pissed and scared for little more than £40 which is cheaper than a night at the Puncknowle Village Hall", says Threadboneextra Corfe Mullen store manager, Di Scount.]

In a further attempt to catch the mood, Professor Thrupiece's most celebrated story "The Christmas Ghost" will be published separately.

Meanwhile, executives at the Threadbone Press are hoping that the success of their Ghostlocker series will mirror that of the well-established Crimeshelf imprint. With an impressive list of authors which includes, alongside Professor Thrupiece, Amy WInecellar, E Tonian, Sir Rising Tide, Andrea Cameltoe, Sir Arthur Conman-Boyle, Isaac Asitov, Bodyce Ripper, Loosly Wordly and Susanna Lipbalm, few would back against it.

The all-new dedicated Ghostlocker website can be found HERE

A digital copy of Professor Thrupiece's The Christmas Ghost can be downloaded HERE

A flipbook™ copy of Professor Thrupiece's The Christmas Ghost can be downloaded HERE

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