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Win A Bobbly-Head [Or Two]

Wobbly-Heads were once popular with those who liked a novelty.

To celebrate the publication of Polly Anthus's first book for children [The Hotel Dog will hit the shops on Monday just in time for the pre-Christmas rush] in conjunction with long-term partners The Threadbone Press and Ladybone Books is offering readers the chance to win an exclusive limited edition "Brian and Shelley-Lulette with Loveable Dog Bobbly-Head Mantlepiece Ornament". This exquisite yet charmingly comical figurine is handcrafted by Dorset pop-up sculptor Sandy Beach and is not for sale in the shops.

Describing his approach to the task, Sandy says, 'I tried to model the two iconic figures as realistically as I could but was aware that an element of caricature was necessary if I was to achieve the required "exquisite yet charmingly comical effect". I didn't have a great deal of time at my disposal as I only very recently returned from Greece where I was fully - if frustratingly - occupied in celebrating National Greek Cocktail Day. That didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I was well-pleased with the figurines, especially as I was working only from dodgy photographs. Shelley-Lulette was otherwise occupied [hiding from the Sydling St Nicholas Sun] and, as many of your readers will appreciate, Professor Thrupiece remains "missing presumed disappeared". I hope I have done these two Dorset celebrities proud. I know the dog is pleased.'

The Hotel Dog is Ms Anthus's first foray into the dysfunctional world of children's literature. Happily, she has eschewed the current vogue for writing thoroughly disgusting stories populated by unpleasant characters motivated only by filth and cruelty and has instead provided a wonderfully uplifting tale of redemptive love set against the background of her beloved Greece. She brings to it the same perfectly-tuned sense of place and character which is the hallmark of her adult fiction though clearly re-tuned to the sensibilities of the wide-eyed child who lives somewhere in all of us. The Hotel Dog is a morality tale for the ages from which we can all - adults and children alike - learn so much; and for a downpayment of only £12.99.

For your chance to win the hugely desirable "Brian and Shelley-Lulette with Loveable Dog Bobbly-Head Mantlepiece Ornament", just answer the simple question below, texting A, B or C to 0789789787867565432

The Hotel Dog is set in [A] Greece, [B] The Faroe Islands, [C] Dorset

Download an online digital version of The Hotel Dog HERE

Download an online digital FLIPBOOK version of The Hotel Dog HERE

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