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Thrupiece Camera Exhibition Opens

An exhibition of Professor Thrupiece's camera collection opened today at the Thrupiece Museum of Science and Technology, Tincleton. Featuring over 8 cameras mostly dating from the 1950s, the exhibition will thrill young and old camera enthusiasts alike.

Famous for never having an empty or unoccupied hand, Professor Thrupiece took a camera with him wherever he went and became an avid collector particularly of East German models. The exhibition features four cameras of particular historical significance: a Rollieflex TLR 2DR, Ilford Sporti4 Variflex, Zorki-4K and, most prized of all a1946 Agfa-Gaevert Uni-focal Type H.

The Exhibition is open to the public 10-3.20 Monday-Friday and 11-11.30 on Saturdays from 15 June to 8 September 2016. Admission is £15 for adults and £14 for children. Family passes (2 adults and two children) are available for £60.

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