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Professor Thrupiece On Social Networking

Those of us responsible for social networking at the Threadbone Corporation are not immune to the irony of bringing Professor Thrupiece and his work to public attention via the electronic media. Though unusually keen on small electrical appliance development, Professor Thrupiece generally eschewed "the modern" and preferred instead more tried and tested ways in his approach to everyday life.

In particular the idea of "blogging" about our eponymous "hero" inevitably occasions a few office giggles. Not only was the Professor a firm advocate of "face-to-face" encounters (though he was not immune to the occasional approach from behind), he believed absolutely in travelling the world in order to speak to his colleagues and collaborators directly (preferably over the Conference Table or, at a pinch, a hotel room pouffe). Nor was he a great joiner of clubs. Having once described the masons as "LinkedIn with trowels and an apron", we are confident he would not be blogging were he alive and active today.

So, as you read this, spare a thought for the Professor's typically sagacious advice: "gentes, et dixerint in populis. Sed non respondere ad telephonium". It certainly makes sense!

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