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Horniment Records Announces New Christmas CD

Hornimint Records has just issued its 2016 Christmas CD. Entitled "We wish you a happy holidays", this doctrine-free, 100% ecumenical disc is a must for all those who like to celebrate Christmas without the bother of considering any of its religious implications. Once again the ever dependable Addinsell Threadbone is at the helm ably abetted by a hand-picked group of singers and musicians.

Featuring six all-time Christmas favourites (five completely new to the public) and recorded in the beautiful acoustic of the Church of Our Lady of Little Hope, Winfrith Newburgh, it is a festive treat for the audiophile and the hard of hearing alike. Available for a limited period only (please order before September 2019) it can be delivered directly to your home in time for the big day (1st January). This disc is not available in the shops.

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