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Ladybone Books Launch Latest Release

Brian's Good Deed

The latest release in the Threadbone Press's Ladybone Books educational series for parentally-challenged young people was published today in time for the Christmas market. The Very Reverend Strict Morales - Vicar of St Brenda & Our Saviour Parish Church, Piddletrenthide - welcomed the latest edition to a much loved series, blessing the first copy before enshrining it under a commemorative stone in the nave. The stone also marks the supposed resting place of former local mini-tractor collector Mr Threadbone, late husband of DHRA stalwart Mrs Amanda Threadbone and friend to Enrique the former Spanish model and boy scout.

In this latest adventure we join our old pal Brian and his friends Edna and Amanda in another improving tale especially designed for impressionable youngsters. Jetting off to a small island far away, plucky Brian and his chums take on a bearded revolutionary as well as a comic Russian politician as they try to improve the bio-ethical species diversity of this special little place. The story is rated as suitable for ages 13 and above.

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