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A Christmas Gift From Hornimint Records

In a stunning gesture of festive cheer, Hornimint Records has made available to the public - free of charge! - an extract from the new concept album by Briony ENO [English National Opera]. Entitled "Simultaneous Medleys for the Temporally Challenged" the album is designed for the busy housewife who hasn't time to listen to music (or get in the festive mood) whilst she shops, decorates, cooks and cleans the house in preparation for her husband's well-earned enjoyment of a great family Christmas!

Lasting just over 2 minutes this digital download - available at no charge!! - will fill your day with fun but leave even the most inadequate housewife time to make all those preparations necessary to guarantee a festive feast for her husband and family .

Available for a limited time only direct from the Hornimint Digital Library. [Click on image below]

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