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Lost Orinoco Album Rediscovered

An album of photographs believed to be of the ill-fated November 2005 Threadbone Orinoco Expedition has been rediscovered deep in the archives of The Orinoco Company, the experimental analogue media enterprise established under the umbrella of the thrupieceorganisation to bringing romance, sticky fasteners and soft-porn to the hunter-gatherers of the rain forest. The establishment of the Company is generally regarded as the only positive outcome from an otherwise disastrous enterprise as an indirect result of which, it is thought by many, the late Mr Threadbone perished. Asked in 2006 why they had made the attempt on the river at all, the Threadbones famously answered "because we dare". [This was widely misreported at the time as "because it's there" - a remark which makes absolutely no sense at all (ed)]

In fact, the purpose of the 2005 expedition - conceived, planned and led by Mrs Threadbone - was to find a well-known internet retailer which Mrs Threadbone had been led to believe maintained a first class second-hand book outlet somewhere in the river's upper reaches. The terrible privations of the party and the tragic conclusion to the expedition have never been fully documented, but it was widely-believed that the late Mr Threadbone armed himself with one of the late Professor Thrupiece's classic cameras (probably the Ilford Sporti4 Variflex) and that he used it to assemble a complete photographic record of the party's progress.

Few of the rediscovered pictures have been released (a spokesperson denied that they were first being examined by South American authorities pursuant to criminal negligence charges) but it is already clear that the expedition got much further up-river than has been thought (and may even have reached the source itself) and - more significantly - that rumours that Mr Threadbone forgot to put film in the camera are baseless. The (heavily redacted) Album is on show in The Thrupiece Room, Lulworth Castle until 1st January 2017.

Admission is free to those with a thrupiecebioethicalpass.

Two pages of the foloio of the recently rediscovered Orinoco Expedition Album

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