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Threadbone Poem Is A "Gift to Members"

DHRA members were surprised and delighted when a parting gift from Honorary LIFE President Mrs Amanda J Threadbone popped into their Inbox this morning. Delivered via the Threadbone Corporation's state-of-the-art Low Speed Narrowband DIal-up Internet Service, the late Autumn Poem - a foretaste of Mrs Threadbone's new collection due at some point next year - takes only 20 minutes to download from the link provided. Yesterday in a shock move, Mrs Threadbone announced that she was stepping down from all activities and the publication of this poem came as something of a surprise.

Daphne Wordsmith, reader in West Country Poetry in the Department of Applied Culinary-Linguistics at the University of Okeford Fitzpaine commented, "this wistful, slightly melancholy poem appearing as it does to be be pregnant with foreboding is yet an apt choice for Christmastide reading, given the uncertainty of the Dorset turkey market this year." Believed to be the result of a combination of BREXIT, Donald Trump's election and the poultry winter vomiting bug, turkey prices have been in turmoil since last Wednesday. However, a spokesperson for the DHRA said this was not expected to affect sales of the poem which were described as "moderate to weak but out of immediate danger".

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