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2017 DHRA Calendar Now Available

The Threadbone Press has had a busy December publishing no less than three new Ladybone Books as well as reissuing Dornford Sittingbourne's evergreen "Suddenly Trilogy" in time to mark the release of the new thrupiecefilm Christmas blockbuster "And Suddenly It's Christmas".

Not content to rest on its laurels, however, its large format digimax™ presses have been busy and on a project likely to warm the hearts of the romantic in whatever position they find themselves this festive season. Yes, it's back by popular demand: the DHRA Annual Calendar of Romance. And guess what? It's bigger, brighter and better than ever before!

Issued to mark the centenary of the invention of the toggle light switch by William J. Newton and Morris Goldberg, the DHRA's 2017 Calendar is quite simply "a feast" and it certainly had this world-weary old cynic in its thrall. Always a visual treat fit to adorn any wall, this year's calendar also features a schedule of DHRA Book of the Month releases meaning you will always be the first to know what's coming up throughout the year! And that's not all! Complete with an inspirational foreword by DHRA President for LIFE and West Country celebrity Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, the DHRA is just the thing any self-respecting husband is looking for to put his wife in the mood this Christmas. Need to stuff those stockings? Hesitate no longer! Just grab a calendar, smuggle in some Hornimints and let the good times roll!!!

The much anticipoated DHRA Annual Calendar of ramance 2017

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