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Threadbone Corporation Christmas Greeting

Today's edition of the Farnham Daily Press featured a Christmas Greeting from West Country global conglomerate The Threadbone Corporation. Official Threadbone Corporation Christmas spokesperson Donna Blitzen explained that the greeting, which comes in the form of a delightful snow scene, had been especially commissioned by CEO, CFO, President and Board Chair Mrs Amanda J Threadbone.

Photographer Dierdre Eastman-Kodakawzcki added that the very special quality of the image was due to her employment of a 1946 Agfa-Gaevert Uni-focal Type H specially loaned from the Professor Thrupiece Camera Collection housed in the Thrupiece Museum of Science and Technology, Tincleton. Ms Eastman-Kodakawzcki shot the picture over a three hour period at f/16 ISO 400 with a 1963 vari-snow triple ampex high grade filter on premium stock Ilford Colourmaster film. She also revealed that she had been forced to endure a broken (seatless) shooting stick and had taken 6 hours to thaw. The greeting is free to download by clicking on the image below.

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