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Dorset Musician Named in New Year's Honours List

Prolific composer Addinsell Threadbone was named in today's New Year's Honours List. Famed for both his serious classical concert music and his popular work for stage and screen, Threadbone receives the MBE for "services to the music profession".

Addinsell Threadbone first came to public attention as a child prodigy when his Dorset Suite was performed at Carnegie Hall by the world famous New York Philharmonic Orchestra under its then composer Leonard Bernstein. Since that time he has composed more than one symphony and concertos for instruments ranging from the ocarina to the stylophone. His "Requiem for Brian", written to commemorate the late great Professor Brian Thrupiece made history featuring for the first time in a sacred choral work a cadenza for 3 obligato nasal clippers and a Moulinex Magimix. A recording of the Sanctus was briefly available on 8 track cassette [Hornimint Records (H8Tr/1]

Threadbone has written notable scores for several thrupiecefilm and thrupiecevideo releases, most recently for It Happened One Summer, Incident in Mayfair and And Suddenly It's Christmas. It was in the last of these that he demonstrated his remarkable ability to compose in very different styles, adding ethnic music into the mix under the pseudonym Costas Hadjipapadopoulos. He has just scored the music for Universal Threadbone Film's 2017: A New Hope.

Addinsell Threadbone's entry in the DNB [Dorset Native Biographies] notes that "though his compositions are generally considered generic, derivative, shallow and inappropriate, he has been described as "a safe pair of hands - except in front of a piano or trombone".

Speaking to local newspaper East Orchard Weekly Shopper, Addinsell said, "I am honoured and humbled at this recognition which I like to think is a mark of the Queen's personal regard for my work. I feel sure that the recently re-released recording of my Sanctus [from the Requiem for Brian [ed]] will have influenced her decision in the matter of the honour. It probably explains why the intended KBE was cancelled".

ABOVE: Addinsell Threadbone conducts his recent score for 2017: A New Hope on the thrupiecefilm soundstage. BELOW: A close up of the honoured composer at work.

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