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Hornimint Records Release Archive Treasures

If Ziggy Osmington can find any solace for his failure either to die a 2016 celebrity death or to receive any recognition in the recent New Year's Honours, it will surely not be in the news that Hornimint Records has re-release two of his early albums in its Hornimint Nostalgia Series.

The international record giant has recently been raiding its extensive archive collection and issuing on its new "Compact Disc" platform recordings of either "no historical significance" or "no "especial merit" but of "sufficient age for people to have forgotten all about them". Following the release of recently honoured in-house composer Addinsell Threadbone's "Requiem for Brian", its popular music division has now given new life to two of Ziggy Osmington's early hits.

The first - an EP/SIngle featuring Ziggy with his original band The Belle Ends - contains only two tracks but includes the surf'n standard Heavy Wax'n; whilst the second, with later and more regular collaborators The Boners, catches the proto-supergroup at the height of their inconsiderable powers live at Stringbonefellows, Kingston Lacey.

Group groupies Sissy and Earnest Roadie who have followed Ziggy from his earliest days recall the gig with fond affection. "I remember we went", 81 year old Ernie said, "and I think I went with Sissy, but its all a blur." "It could even have been on tele, but I am not sure we had one at the time". Sissy (78) is altogether clearer "Yes we went together, but Ziggy invited me backstage after the concert and I dumped Ernie. After that it's all a blur." "But I can date it exactly", she added "because nine months later my daughter Ziggette was born and you don't forget a thing like that. Ernie was ever so pleased - and surprised - it couldn't even remember us having had relations."

Hornimint Records are confident that the re-release of these fine albums of yesteryear will stir similar memories amongst dozens of Ziggy's devoted female fans.

Hornimint Records has recently released two Ziggy Osmington discs on its new "Compact Disc" platform. Now a whole new generation can ponder what the fuss was all about.

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