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Dorset Mail Issues Commemorative Stamp

Following the Threadbone Corporation's receipt of the Queen's Award for Enterprise for a record 7th time, the Dorset Mail has issued a commemorative stamp in celebration of this unique achievement.

Featuring a view of the entrance to the Threadbone Corporation's Great Heaving science, arts, research and administrative complex, the first class set is bound to become a collector's item. Dorset Mail's Director of Public Relations Hene Velop was quick to stress the very special circumstances which had prompted the release. "Only rarely do we commemorate a commercial enterprise in this way", he explained, "but the public pressure to do so was, on this occasion, irresistible ... we received more than a dozen letters suggesting it from the Great Heaving area alone".

A spokesperson for the Threadbone Corporation, Mrs Maine-Fixer declined to add significantly to the organisation's earlier press release, saying only that the flurry of outgoing mail from Mrs Threadbone's office was coincidental and that the Corporation had not sought to bring undue influence to bear: "There is nothing remotely unusual in all this", Mrs Maine-Fixer said, "in fact, we do it all the time".

The Threadbone Corporation is the subject of a new Stamp Issue from the Dorset Mail

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