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Long-awaited Ladybone Offering for Easter Now Available

Threadbone Press children's imprint Ladybone Books has had a quiet start to the year following its flurry of Christmas-time activity. But like a giant awakened from slumber, the sleeping giant has now awoken and boy has it been worth the wait.

The long promised "Brian Goes to Switzerland" is a magnificently-illustrated and beautifully crafted tale in what we might call the "modern cautionary" style. Young Brian filled with ennui and aware that the young female friends in his life are undergoing their own awakening seeks solace in travel. So far so conventional. But Brian discovers (as will his fascinated readers) that whilst travel broadens the mind, it brings its own dangers and challenges.

So well considered and so sensitively-alive to the issues facing the youth of today is this latest Ladybone offering, it will delight parents wondering what on earth their children can do to occupy themselves this Christmas.

"We are well aware that many children - particularly those of ambitious work-oriented parents" spend inordinate amounts of time alone in their bedrooms", Ladybone Press Officer Despina Harde-Backe explained "parents simply despair of finding alternatives to internet porn towards which their nannies can direct the attentions of their temporary charges. One woman even told me that a handful of Ladybone Books had saved her marriage. The au pair withdrew her resignation which so pleased my husband he decided not to leave me which is just as well. I mean which of us would have kept the Range Rover and how would I have got the children the 200 yards to school every day?"

Brian Goes to Switzerland is published today and is available direct from the Ladybone digital outlet as well as from the orinoco store. Visitors to either site can also make use of the latest Threadbone "flipping" technology.

The eagerly awaited Brian Goes to Switzerland is published today

The eagerly awaited Brian Goes to Switzerland is published today

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