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Thrupiece Open College Launches With Free Online Art Course

The thrupiece organisation which - despite its many tentacled interests - never strays far from its eponymous founder's defining concerns, has today launched an ambitious programme to bring education to those without the wherewithal (financial or intellectual) to gain admission to a decent adult education course. Perhaps not coincidentally timed to coincide with the Threadbone Press's similarly impressive mission to "bring art to the ignorant and unappreciative", Threadbone Education has launched it's Open College - "a gateway to a better life for those with at least half a brain" - or is that "half a Brian!! ?"

The first online course - also available through thrupieceinteractive's media-streamer the popular thriplayer - features a drawing class in which student's can begin to learn to paint the thrupieceway. Assiduous attention to the step-by-step video instructions will, insists Thrupiece Virtual College Principle Glen Teachers-Whisky-McNightly, enable anyone to produce work of a standard comparable to that of the Professor's in his later years (known to art historians as his "decline"). Asked if a more advanced course would become available later, Mr Teachers-Whisky-McNightly was evasive. "I think we will see how it goes - after all if the the pupils start to produce great art, we will have strayed some way from the path of the Professor and we must remain mindful not to do that."

A course in home chemistry - which aims to teach the subject via the Professor's own experiments which led him both to the thrupiecediet and the Thrupiece Tables - is currently stalled "pending the outcome of discussions with the legal representatives of Ms Audrey Badminton Court". "There are also a number of health and safety concerns", Mr Teachers-Whisky-McNightly added electronically, "fluff is not considered fireproof to the latest EU 7654373wIii(f) standards".

Thrupiece Education's ambitious Open College was inaugurated today with the online publication of its Art Course (2017 Course No 3 Level !: Beginners). More may follow if "the public appetite is there".

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