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Threadwings to Host Fundraising Gala at Great Heaving

Threadwings - the Threadbone Corporation-wide charity which aims to encourage air-travel amongst Society's least fortunate - will hold a Fundraising Gala at the Corporation's Great Heaving Complex in July.

Details of the Gala are yet to be announced but it is believed that a weekend of sponsored events - modelled on the successful Threadbone Primavera Festival format (including a beer tent) - is planned. A spokesperson for Ziggy Osmington declined to confirm his appearance but stressed that the veteran superstar is a great supporter of charities and that Threadwings is "very much his kind of thing". "I believe one of his first encounters with a Boner took place on an early de Havilland Comet flight so naturally he is seriously into flying. Being big into gender issues, he particularly likes to take young girls on his private jet so they can see his excitement for themselves".

Threadwings was established just over a year ago. Charity Chair Raymond Notso-Pointy (great nephew of authoress Celia) explained that it had been established to meet a pressing need as well as provide a business model for the future. "So many people - particularly young people do not have the wherewithal to undertake expensive flights such as those offered by Threadbone Airways. We want to encourage them to continue to aspire to do so. By showing them (with the aid of diagrams, pictures and videos) what the experience of flight might be like, we hope they will work hard, earn money and purchase tickets from us in adult life". Asked if the children actually boarded aeroplanes as part of the Charity's outreach work, he added, "Certainly not. It's a fine balance we are trying to achieve here between tantalising them with the idea of flight whilst leaving them striving to actually achieve it. To shortcut this yearning by satisfying their wishes at too early an age would be counter-productive and might lead to diminished sales later. So it's a long game."

To coincide with the announcement of the Gala Event, Threadbone Leisurewear has launched a number of Threadwings-themed garments which are available through selected outfitters. They are "reassuringly expensive" making them both "the thing to covet this season" and a feel-good purchase packed with "I've contributed to a good cause ambience".

Threadwings is corporately supported by CasaEnrique

Threadbone Leisurewear have launched a range of garments to coincide with the announcement of the Threadwings Charity Gala

Threadbone Leisurewear have launched a range of garments to coincide with the announcement of the Threadwings Charity Gala.

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