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New DI Stiller Thriller Published

Threadbone CrimeShelf (the Crime Fiction division division of The Threadbone Press) has today published "High and Rye" - the fifth in the acclaimed "Spirit of Murder" Series by Scottish author Gordon Tanqueray (who also writes as Glen Livet and Jack Bushmels).

In this - the latest outing for troubled police sleuth D I Stiller - we find the Detective Inspector seconded to the Tennessee State Police Department in pursuit of the killer of multi-millionaire Frank Bourbon whose death in a London nightclub is linked to an international network of illicit alcohol smuggling and VAT avoidance.

Struggling to understand the methods (as well as the vocabulary) of his American colleagues, D I Stiller soon finds himself questioning everyone's motives: the authorities as well as the suspects. And who is the mysterious Belle Meade and what does she mean when she says "I'm feeling a little tight so just two fingers?". Stranger still: how can anyone that "tight" be so loose and is it a metaphor for something so deep he has yet to penetrate it? With every page stamped with the Tanqueray magic, this fast-paced unputdownable thriller will leave you gasping for a drink and reaching for the bottle. "A ***** Star VSOP mouthful of a thriller" Fiddleford Fiction Digest

Fans eager to get their hands on the latest Tanqueray can purchase copies at a special price from Threadstones Booksellers from noon today.


The latest in the Series is expected to be June's best seller and a Threadstones Book of the Month

ABOVE: The latest in the D I Stiller Series is Threadstone's Book of the Month and follows in the wake of the first four bestsellers [BELOW] which have established author Gordon Tanqueray as a Crime Club favourite.

The first four novels in the Spirit of Murder Series have established Gordon Tanqueray as a publishing sensation.

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