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Whodunnit? Why The Threadbone Press of Course?

Crime fiction enthusiasts have been presented with a cornucopia of riches as, hot on the heels of yesterday's publication of the latest Gordon Tanqueray Spirit of Murder Mystery, the Threadbone Press today re-issued (for the first time in paperback) the first four of author Polly Anthus's popular Mediterranean Mysteries Series. The reissue was timed to coincide with publication - in hardback - of the latest in the series: E is for Eros.

Featuring feisty amateur sleuth Tessa Lonika, the series has been a huge hit with crime lovers across the West Country. Tessa, who has habit of finding trouble wherever she unpacks her battered old suitcase, is employed as a Holiday Rep for Tantalus Tours. She generally finds herself involved in every kind of scrape as she island hops with her friend and fellow rep Zak Kynthos. With murder lurking just around the corner, The Mediterranean Mysteries are a delightful read whether at home, on holiday or just neglecting the kids.

​Polly Anthus is the nom de plume of Freda Shufflebotton (DHRA member since 2006). Employed for more than 30 years in the travel industry (she is head of sales at Threadbreaks the Stinsford-based travel agency), she has travelled extensively throughout the West Country but has always harboured an ambition to travel to Greece. Having advised many an adventurous traveller and researched the Greek Islands better to service her clients, she has all the local knowledge necessary to bring her novels to vibrant and authentic life. Polly lives in Morcombelake with her twelve cats (Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Kefalonia, Andros, Kos, Icaria, Milos, Paros, Karpathos, Samathrace & Mr Naughty).

The books are part of the Threadbone Crimeshelf Library and are available from the orinoco store here.

ABOVE: E is for Eros is the 5th in the Mediterranean Mysteries Series and is published by Threadbone Crimeshelf today. [BELOW] The first four in the Series which all feature popular amateur sleuth Tessa Lonika are published in paperback for the first time.

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