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The Art of Propaganda?

An informal group portrait by Gladstone Wheatley of what is understood to capture a group of male Doris Endersely-Kindersely supporters moments after the announcement of the recent shock DHRA Committee Election results has been unveiled to the press . y its anonymous owner in Bere Regis today.

Rumour suggests that it was commissioned by Mrs Marjorie Billington-Majorie to "celebrate" her arch rivals "defeat" at the hands of rank outsider and social media technophile Mr Jermyn Street. (Mr Jermyn Street actually received less votes than Mrs Endersely-Kindersely and was officially the defeated candidate though this fact appears to have gone largely unnoticed [ed].)

Speaking on behalf of Mrs Amanda J Threadbone (President for LIFE of the DHRA) Chief Technology and Communications Consultant - 114 year old Miss Wincey Runcie-Pruncy - was as quick as she could be to assert that the portrait is not an official DHRA commission and that it will neither be acquired nor displayed by the Association in any of its official branches or premises. "Mrs Threadbone" remains above the fray", Miss Runcie-Pruncy's 91 year old daughter-in-law Trudy Notso-Sprightly added on her behalf, "and does not comment on DHRA internal politics. She has quite enough on her plate at the moment including a musseline of poached salmon and a vinaigrette drizzled garden salad".

Meanwhile the Billington-Marjorie camp was busy briefing against Mrs Endersely-Kindersley "off the record", describing the picture variously as "a portrait of despair" and "an icon of abject male dejection". "It is in any event", Mr Tolliver Thwacksteade said, "a record of a great moment when the high and mighty fell and the little people staged a comeback." Mr Thwacksteade is author of Marjorie Billington-Marjorie: the Lilliputian Champion of Historical Romantic Politics [Threadbone Alternative Press].

There are currently no plans to display the portrait which has been digitally distributed to a network of more than 40 people on the interweb. "It's also available as a bookmark, poster, keyring, serviette and fridge magnet. And that'll do for the time being" said a smiling Mr Thwacksteade.

Art as Revenge: Gladstone Wheatley's "vicious" depiction of Mrs Endersley-Kindersley's supporters (including husband Norbert) immediately after the election results were announced

Art as Revenge: Gladstone Wheatley's "vicious" depiction of Mrs Endersley-Kindersley's supporters (including husband Norbert in "black and white isolation") immediately after the election results were announced. Note the blue rosettes - Mrs Endersley-Kindersley's signature symbol.

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