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A Reader Writes (Again)

Following the publication of Trondheim Institute for Advanced Photogrammetry Facial Recognition pioneer and Thrupiece expert Reteena Skånė's conjecture on the identity of the "unidentified acquaintance" pictured with composer and musician's rights activist Eric Fishwick in Batcombe in 1958, we have received further correspondence from Dr Skånė which we feel duty bound to publish. In doing so we assure Dr Skånė of our good offices as well as our open-mindedness with regard to her scientific (Norwegian) researches. We offer no further comment on her letter, the evidence accompanying it or her original assertion pending a full analysis of the submitted materials by the world-renowned Threadbone Photo-digital Research Laboratories, the technological sophistication of which is unrivalled anywhere in the world (let alone in Norway).

Dear Sir

I write to object in the strongest possibly (Norwegian) terms to the gratuitous inclusion of an EDITOR'S NOTE at the end of my carefully argued letter: a very few sentences which cast doubt on my careful researches and do so from a position of conjectural ignorance. My findings are rooted in the most rigorous science using equipment, techniques and algorithms developed at astronomical cost thanks to an EU Funded Non-essential Collaborative Research Grant (EU Closely Associated Non-Member Status Grant EU4967867775564246635544/17282726528998872633556678). Nb UK Scientific colleagues: beware Hard Brexit.

Any doubts that Professor Thrupiece and Eric Fishwick met in 1958, let alone any uncertainty regarding the identity of the gentlemen captured in both published photographs will surely be dispelled by reference to the enclosed definitive dossier which "puts the matter to bed once and for all" (Professor Noröme Fordowt, Chief of Staff, Trondheim Institute for Advanced Photogrammetry).

I hope that this will now end the matter and that future Fishwick biographers (as well as Thrupiece devotees) will abandon their narrow-minded revisionist agendas and accept that the two rubbed up against each other on at least three occasions in 1958.


Reteena Skånė

Trondheim Institute for Advanced Photogrammetry

Dossier enclosed

EDITOR'S NOTE: Though the latest photograph appears authentic enough, a serious question remains: why would Professor Thrupiece - whose musical sympathies were closer to Ziggy Osmington (with both the Belle Ends and the Boners) than to Zemlinsky or Zelenka - find himself in congress with a radical anti-formalist eclectic composer and his crinckly-haired and pomaded companion at a Summer Music School?

SUB-EDITOR'S NOTE: Danish Pastries?


Dr Reteena Skånė at work

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