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Cleopatra: A Little Something For The Weekend

With Tutankh'piece mania spreading like wildfire through the West Country ["The Boy King"'s reconstructed face and mask will be exhibited at the Whisky-McNightly Gallery of the Gussage St. Michael Museum of Archeology from 18-27 August], Parfumes par Threadbone have lost no time in expanding their exclusive Shelley-Lulette Sizemore range with a brand new fragrance - Cleopatra. However, this is no case of mindless Threadbone Corporation commercial opportunism since the product has been in development for "several days" sources close to the Threadbone Heavy/Toxic Chemicals Plant told industry insiders today. "The plan to make a great Egyptian-themed fragrance has been in the pipeline (literally) for a while: in fact ever since we finished the last batch of bovine exfoliant and the "Face to Face with The Boy King" Exhibition was announced, but the two are not connected in any way: its pure coincidence, serendipity, even cosmic convergence", Plant Manager Hiley Flammable said.

The Threadbone Corporation entered the fragrance market earlier this year with Aisselle en Sueur for women and Ane Mort for men. Both are available exclusively through Fil d'Os: the chic Dorset high street chemist chain and online via the orinoco store. Against the odds, they have been slowly establishing their place in a crowded and largely French-dominated market. However the uniquely "earthy" downwind trace of the Dorset product has its admirers and is the fragrance of choice amongst the odoriferously-adventurous and the olfactorily-challenged.

Cleopatra will be marketed in the same way, but is aimed at the more mature & sophisticated woman who has heard of Egypt and "knows how to spell it". Indeed it is intended for the femme who "likes the idea of living dangerously: who is at ease with her own asp and is not afraid of carpet burns."

Cleopatra goes on sale this weekend. As an added incentive those who buy two or more products in the Cleopatra range can win tickets to the "Face to Face with The Boy King" Exhibition to which it is no way commercially or otherwise connected.

New from Parfumes by Threadbone, Cleopatra is aimed at the sophisticated lady who likes a man who knows what he wants when he Caesar.

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