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Thrupiece App Exceeds All Expectations

The Threadbone Corporation's IT arm - Threadtel Technologies - has today revealed that the new Thupiece News app has proven unexpectedly popular with users worldwide. So popular in fact that they have already issued an update. Version 1.0.2 (which succeeded the highly acclaimed Version 1.0.1 a day after original launch) has now been downloaded a total of 3 time (twice for iOS and once for Android).

Head of Threadtel Technologies marketing team - Eoin App' Rees-Uupdäte - says that the Company is delighted with the rapid uptake of the App and indicated that it was this early enthusiasm together with user feedback ("it doesn't work ", "it's complete shite") that encouraged Threadtel scientists to further develop both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the App.

"We changed the logo immediately", he added, since user experience had suggested that "people had no idea what the app was for". "We assumed that calling it Thrupiece News would be enough to deliver the message: ie its about news about Professor Thrupiece; but feedback suggested potential downloaders were confused and that one in particular thought it might be a dating app. Another thought it might be some kind of egg-timer but he may have downloaded it by mistake. Obviously we had to correct these impressions immediately. We even though of renaming it - market-based research suggestions (sample size 4) included ThrupApp, ThreadApp, BoneApp and one dissatisfied "wit" even suggested CrapApp, but we stuck to our guns - first thoughts often being the best." "We have also made many changes under the hood, including improved navigation, more efficient system architecture and increased functionality - there is now a convenient link to Professor Thrupiece's famous and widely followed Blog feed, for example, requiring fewer than 39 steps to make the connection. Functionality of this kind matters and we pride ourselves in getting it right."

It is understood that Threadtel technologies are currently working on Version 1.0.50, the intermediate versions having "proved less seamless and robust than we would have liked".


"Challengingly dysfunctional" * HMtQu

"Curiously clunky" * T May PM

"Surprisingly inept" B Gates

"Brilliantly buggy" Esquire Magazine

"As fluid as a sclerotic artery" The Lancet

"A car-crash of an app" J Clarkson, Amazon

The new icon "Nakedly under-developed" Men Only

That App link again!: HERE

Back to the Drawing Board: Bonileaks has obtained and published concept drawings of the Thrupiece News App

Back to the Drawing Board: Bonileaks has obtained and published concept drawings of the Thrupiece News App. Experts say it demonstrates not only the differences between the various versions but also the design philosophy which lies behind the changes. They conclude there is none.

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