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Researcher's Integrity Called Into Question By Amateur Thrupiece Enthusiasts

Amateur Culinary Bio-ethical enthusiasts and self-confessed Thrupiece anoraks Beryl and Godfrey Pedant have dropped a time-bomb into the world of Thrupiece studies by accusing the RSCBE and the Threadbone Press of "peddling untruths about the Professor whilst asserting as statements of verified fact assertions which are palpably untrue and demonstrably in error". Their startling assertions are believed to relate to the most recent Thrupiece paper: Professor Thrupiece: The Ibiza Years by sometime author and night club singer Imin CLubbe-Lande.

Citing a number of "suspicious claims and detailed misreadings" (particularly with regard to the Professor's almost Delphic pronouncement in the ethics:morals field) they further claim that two glaring errors undermine the integrity of the publication as a whole.

"We deeply regret that whoever refereed this cut-and-paste farrago of poorly-researched biographical off-cuts failed to check out even the most basic of facts. We note two particularly egregious errors:

1. The idea that the Picasso painting Portrait Of Jaime Sabartes As Grandee now said to be of Professor Thrupiece was completed in 1978 when they were both house guests at the holiday home of famous motor racing ace Fernando Alonso is clearly absurd. Ms Clubbe-Lande herself admits that the two-times World Champion, who is currently enduring a most testing time with McLaren Honda and eagerly anticipating the switch to Renault engines next year, was not born until 1981. The poor man has quite enough on his plate at the moment and certainly doesn't need this kind of distraction.

2. The photograph of Professor Thrupiece with Pablo Casals in Eivissa is in fact a photograph of Professor Thrupiece with Pablo Picasso ("a schoolboy error. Everyone knows Pablo Casals played the saxophone whereas Pablo Picasso did not")"

Standing by Ms Clubbe-Lande, Threadbone Corporation and RSCBE Joint Spokesperson on Solidarity Affairs - Wee Standby - insisted that "the Corporation and the RCSCBE stand by Ms Clubbe-Lande and express the greatest faith in her researches. No one who can sing Downtown in Spanish as well as Petula Clark can do much wrong in our book and in any event the Pedants are themselves wrong in at least two respects: (a) the claim regarding Senor Alonso was made not by Ms Clubbe-Lande but by the author of the subsequent blog regarding the Picasso painting and we bear no responsibility for that (b) Pablo Casals played not the saxophone but the bassoon. Anyone who can make these elementary mistakes has no right to call themselves Pedant. As far as we are concerned they are Godfrey and Beryl Patently-Wrong."

Clearly the row is set to continue since the RSCBE have made clear they have no plans to make any corrections or alterations to the paper: "Thrupiece Studies are currently in a very fluid state and we welcome error and controversy: it all adds to sales".

The major players in the latest Thrupiecegate accusations

The major players in the latest Thrupiecegate accusations:

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Self confessed anoraks and amateur Thrupiece enthusiasts Godfrey and Beryl Pedant are angry at what they believe to be "shoddy research"; Pablo Casals the world famous bassoonist with his instrument; Pablo Picasso the world famous painter around whom much of the controversy circles: Could he really paint?; two-times World Motor racing Champion Fernando Alonso (36) with friend and Benito Mussolini tribute act Benny Mazel Tov at Rheims in 1956. They had just missed out on after-race celebration pies.

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