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Todber Board Rethink Badge But Are Accused Of "Going Over The Top"

In a startling new development today, the Board of Todber United FC have bowed to fan pressure and rethought their new badge. Director of Operations Andrei Stasi confirmed the move in a press release in which he made clear the Board's determination to "take into account all views with which we agree but not give an inch when it comes to making actual decisions." The new badge "which incorporates all the important traditional elements of the club" (the blue and yellow colour palette) "but gives them a contemporary twist" was designed by АйДи Фабрика of Moscow who beat off Frome St Quintin-based Designs'R'Us in a closed competition in which only the Russian studios were invited to participate.

United fans Ethyl and Ernie Fourseasons-Tickette gave a mixed reaction to the decision: "We are pleased and surprised at the u-turn itself but not that happy with the outcome: we think it's perhaps a little bit over the top". Asked to elaborate Ethyl added: "Well we were wondering if it didn't look a wee bit Soviet. I mean we're no experts but does it look a bit Russian to you too?"

Replica shirts are available at the Thrupiece Road Ground's Replica Shirt Shop priced 5571.3 roubles. Trade in the Ekaterinburg- sourced shirts was described as "modest".

LEFT: The first team shirt. Critics think it "a little over the top"; RIGHT: Replica Shirt available through the Club at a heavily discounted price of 5571.3 roubles (£75)

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