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Magic In The лунный свет

Fresh from scaling the heights of Dvorak's Brave New World Symphony (a 21st century "realization" of the Czech master's quintessentially 19th century creation) Russian Maestra and Thrupiece Philharmonic Music Director / Principle Conductor Ms Irina Legova has turned her attention to music on a more miniaturist scale. Appearing on record for the first time as a pianist Ms Legova has recorded five works by justly neglected 20th century Russian Masters Thrupova, Piecovich, Brianova and Legova (no relation). The composers chosen are "all so unplayed in West (and in East) and even when played, big orchestra pieces is all public is hearing. On new disc I play small pieces for piano only - pieces close to hearts of these women (and a man!), so pieces of true feeling: sad, happy, in love, out of love, queueing for house supplies - so maybe even sometime a little - how you say - pissed off!"

Clearly deeply familiar with the idiom Ms Legova plays with passion and freedom, so are these authentic performances as we understand the term? "Yes. I think so and not only because I am living with them long, long time. We also find oldest piano we can in basement of Philharmonic and don't improve too much! Sound is awful - so yes deeply close to what composers hear themselves".

The new album entitled лунный свет which roughly translates into English as Clair de Lune includes Andrei Legova's ебать президента, я напишу, что хочу ("Fxxk the President, I will write what I want") a piece generally regarded as the most formalist piece of Russian formalism ever written (it was banned during the pre-Glasnost era being described as "A true artist's response to unfair and ignorant criticism by a regime that wouldn't know its arse from its oboe"). It's an important piece Ms Legova explains and one very close to her heart. "Though I am not relative to Legova we share same name and this brings me close. Also fact that piece is so difficult to play and so not known, that pianist can play anything and audience will not understand helps a lot. Anyway Legova is dead so no skin off rice-pudding!"

And does any other common theme hold the album together? "Yes. Fact that in all case scores is lost and I play from memory of little girl concert age 8 or 9. Is good for me. I am free to express without limit of scores and notes. What matters in pieces like this is spirit of composer not notes on piece of paper."

лунный свет is available at all good record stores, from the orinoco store and from the TPO Digital Concert Hall website. It also marks Ms Legova's debut on the prestigious Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft label.

Irina Legova's debut on the DGG label is a coup for both parties.

Promotional material for Ms Legova's recording debut as a pianist. Critics are struggling to make sense of both the music and the signing.

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