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Representatives of the thrupieceorganisation, the Threadbone Corporation and Hornimint, as well as Executive Officers of the DHRS and RSCBE were quick to distance themselves today from the unfolding saga swirling around the portals of Thrupiece World the joint-venture enterprise which has been closed down pending inquiries by Internet regulators and legal representatives of several "interested" as well as "disinterested" parties.

The virtual online science and fun resource closed yesterday only moments after it opened leaving dozens of eager fans and knowledge-seekers worldwide "devastated and disappointed". "We are devastated and disappointed" says Ian Thickie spokesperson for KTWO the Keep Thrupiece World Open Campaign. Visitors to the Mainpage of the Thrupiece World Site discovered that clicking any of the links (except those tied to official sponsors) brought up a page indicating that Whisky-McNightly Security, operating on behalf of litigants, had closed the site. Visitors were further directed to the offices of Threadbone, Threadbone & Threadbone - the solicitors acting for those in dispute with the site owners - if they wished to register grievances or seek compensation.

Class action leader - Neva Mai Fault - was clear that she and her group would be seeking substantial damages. "We were offered a free site that would answer to our science and fun needs and though we paid absolutely nothing, we got absolutely nothing in return. Further I spent at least a minute reading the notice which was time consuming and dispiriting in equal measure. I feel my mental health has suffered and would expect that to be reflected in any pay out".

In the meantime a spokesperson for Mrs Amanda J Threadbone was at pains to point out that though the several organisations she represents were "briefly and peripherally aware of the possibility of the existence of a Thrupiece World site", they had "neither funded nor franchised; neither licensed nor treated with; neither sanctioned nor entered into any agreement with any organisation associated with the site and specifically had had no dealings with Opportunistic Holdings plc the Cayman Island-based developers and hosts of the site". "Mrs Thrupiece feels as soiled and betrayed by this incident as anyone and has instructed Threadbone, Threadbone & Threadbone to take whatever steps they deem necessary to distance all the Great Heaving organisations and entities from the site and to make strenuous attempts to prosecute those responsible for damaging the reputation, trading standing and commercial interests of the aforesaid organisations and entities". Speaking for Threadbone, Threadbone and Threadbone, Mr Joshua Threadbone said the matter was now in hand and that injunctions and other legal instruments were being employed to bring the matter to a swift and decisive conclusion.

Whilst industry insiders are inclined to give Mrs Threadbone and her colleagues the benefit of the doubt, questions remain to be answered according to Website expert Dom Ain - not least why at least 10 Threadbone Corporation / thrupieceorganisation companies are listed as main sponsors on the site.

The Registered Offices of Opportunistic Holdings.  When journalists called yesterday the lights were on but nobody was at home.

The Registered Offices of Opportunistic Holdings. When journalists called yesterday the lights were on but nobody was at home.

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