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A Reader Writes No 26

A Reader Writes:

Dear "Professor Thrupiece"

I am an avid fan of your blog, never miss an edition and eagerly look forward to the next. Only the occasional hiatuses [hiati? hiatus? Check declention [ed]], disappoint and even they are, I suppose, understandable given how busy your life is and how many activities you continue to pursue even though you are well dead. [CRITICAL FACTUAL CORRECTION. The fact of Professor Thrupiece's death has never been confirmed (Autorités Suisses 2005-18 passim case pending) It is a common but nevertheless distressing misconception that his disappearance in a Swiss Hotel Room whilst attending the Annual Edna Awards supports such a negative conclusion. Here at we prefer to use the term "missing presumed absent" [ed]].

I was particularly taken, however, by the recent blog featuring a vintage poster for Thrutrees Fruit Gums which features a boy named Brian licking his lips and "m 'm-ing" his approval. Could this perchance be a young Professor Thrupiece? The age seems about right and the resemblance startling. Perhaps someone in the Threadbone Corporation research team or Archive facility could confirm?"

Yours in unbounded admiration


Great Heaving



"Anything is possible ... Judge for yourself." *

* THAT REPORT IN FULL "Whilst anything is possible, for the record we wish to state that after exhaustive analysis, we find absolutely no evidence to support the contention that the boy featured in the advertisement is in any way similar to Professor Thrupiece at a similar age. The Thrutrees Brian may rather have been one of Mr Fry's "Five Boys". Perhaps the safest advice is to invite members of the public to use their own discretion ie "judge for yourself".

That photographic evidence in full:

Was the Thrutrees Brian in fact moonlighting from a Fry's Five Boys photoshoot?

TOP LEFT: The Thrutrees Brian. TOP RIGHT: Professor Thrupiece aged 9 years. Circumstantial evidence suggests that the future Professor was probably far too busy developing his methane rocket fuel for the Soviet Space Programme to participate in a photoshoot for a fruit-based confectionary product. BOTTOM: Was the Thrutrees Brian in fact moonlighting from a Fry's Five Boys promotional campaign - hence the veil of secrecy?

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