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A Grovelling Apology

All those associated with the Professor Thrupiece blog wish to apologise profoundly and profusely to one of our many sponsor's for the gross and unforgivable oversight unintentionally perpetrated during last Saturday's blog.

The article - a detailed and highly sensitive account of potential manoeuvrings within the thrupieceorganisation / Threadbone Corporation - was fatally compromised by our failure properly to acknowledge the full extent of the sponsorship provided by Threadispecs™. Sponsorship, moreover, which made research for and publication of the article possible.

Whilst, in mitigation, we would like respectfully to point out that we did mention that Threadispecs was the article's sponsor (in a prominent paragraph and in a different font and different colour) we openly acknowledge that we failed to dedicate a level of free advertising space fully commensurate with the value we place on the sponsor in question's extraordinary generosity, forbearance and resolute steadfastness.

We hope that the following advertisement - for which we make no charge - will help rectify the situation, whilst recognising that egregious errors of this kind are never easily forgiven and almost certainly never forgotten. Nostra culpa. In piam memoriam. Spaghetti cabonara.

The Threadispecs Advertisement should have accompanied last Saturday's hard-hitting Dorset Business Insight with Threadispecs article but failed to appear due to an "administrative error" . Four senior staff members at Threadbone Product Placement Ltd. find themselves kicking their heels this morning.

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