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When Is A Sign Not A Sign? When It's A Logo?

Keen-eyed reader Keyne-Aye West has written to point out an interesting detail contained in the recent Threadbone Press advertisement for its latest release in the Threadbone Biographical Monographs Series. Less observant, more casual and uninterested subscribers (as well as those with undiagnosed sight issues (SPONSORS MESSAGE - BOOK YOUR APPOiNTMENT NOW at Threadispecs™ - buy two get the second full price. Terms And Conditions Apply. Offer only available to valid Threadispecs™ Customers. Offer end 4pm 23 April 2018) will have missed what may be an unintended pointer to significant manoeuverings within the internal affairs of the thrupieceorganisation / Threadbone Corporations.

ABOVE: The telltale advertisement: did it unintentionally leak market-sensitive information and will heads roll? BELOW: That logo in full. Note the inclusion of the Threadbone Corporation Logo within the most prominent thrupieceorganisation cog.

The detail - subtle changes in the colour scheme and a new white stroke around the elegant lettering as well as the addition of the Threadbone Corporation logo within the void of one of the thrupieceorganisation logo's more prominent cogs may, industry experts believe, point to a fundamental shift in power between the two organisations.

No-one from either the thrupieceorganisation or Threadbone Corporation was available for comment this morning, but corporate affairs observer Foot-Sei Fiffe-Undred believes the move is significant. "The fact that the logo of the thrupieceorganisation which has up until now been considered the senior partner in the conglomerate's complex structure now includes the Threadbone Corporation logo in a highly significant position probably means that Mrs Threadbone has at last succeeded in raising the profile of the Threadbone Corporation over and above that of its former parent company and has effectively granted it MPPS (Most Prominent Partner Status). In my view this is nothing less than a coup. A palace revolution if you will in which the victor is quite clearly Mrs Threadbone herself."

Others disagree: "The fact that the Threadbone Corporation logo is incorporated (some might say imprisoned) within the iron cog of the thrupieceorganisation's logo surely signifies a consolidation of the latter's position confirming it as at the very least primus inter pares or more likely top-dog in the multi-billion pound, multi-national conglomerate's structure", say market analysts Mark Ette and Anna Lyst. "In any event Mrs Threadbone is Life President, Board Chair, CEO, CIO of both organisations, so who gives a toss?"

A further example of corporate rebranding at Great Heaving. Here the relatively insignificant thrupieceorganisation Minor Works Pre-Panning Department Building displays the new logo, though none of the 800 full time staff who work in the building had even noticed the change.

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