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A Professor Thrupiece Art Starter Collections User Writes ...

As an avid fan of the Professor Thrupiece Art Starter Collections series, a particular admirer of the "Painting..." series and an even more particular devotee of "Painting the Cotswolds" with Shelley-Lulette Sizemore, I am thrilled to be able to share great news with anyone struggling to get to grips with the most recent addition to the series.

Even Shelley-Lulette herself has let it be known that some of the scenes in "Painting the Cotswolds" with Shelley-Lulette Sizemore might be challenging to even the most experienced beginner.

"Some of them are absolutely impossible" she recently admitted in a candid Threadstone's Book launch interview, before Threadbone Press "handler" Ms Information restated Ms Sizemore's view as being: "whilst all of the paintings can be completed easily by anyone with an IQ above that of the average chimpanzee, we deliberately include one or two more advanced pieces to stretch the gifted".

Fear not! Even for the least gifted*, help is at hand!

* According to recent polls 88% of those purchasing the THREADBONE ARTs Professor Thrupiece Art Starter Collections fell into the "least gifted" category. 5% self-identified as "gifted", 5% "hadn't a clue" how gifted they were and 2% were unavailable for comment due to involuntary incarceration.

The Professor Thrupiece Blog™ can today reveal that The Threadbone Press via its THREADBONE ARTs division has once again teamed up with sponsors Thrupiece Tours and renowned educational foundation The Open College to bring much needed relief to those risking repetitive strain injury whilst fiddling with a filbert no 4, a drippy ferrule and the demands of intricate Burford foliage. It comes in the form of a comprehensive video tutorial which, if followed closely, will enable purchasers to produce expert Results-In- Next-To-No-Time™.

The video can be downloaded [at a special introductory price of £99.99] by clicking on the video below and using the code Results-In-Next-To-No-Time 2018.

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