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A Distinguished Comedy Historian Writes #3

Professor Brian Thrupiece

As a distinguished comedy historian I have often been struck by the striking resemblance between comedy hero Barrington ["Barry"] Cheekie - part of the immortal [maybe not [ed]] Cheekie Brothers duo - who died recently whilst diving through an over-pressurised gas-fuelled C-type hoolahoop at the Hippodrome Theatre Hazelbury Bryan and the distinguished Professor of Culinary Bio-ethics Professor Brian Thrupiece. They look the same and both, for example, are dead. Could they perchance be related?*

Professor Thrupiece

*SERIOUS EDITORIAL CORRECTION: The assertion that the late Professor Thrupiece is dead is inaccurate and possibly actionable. Whilst mystery continues to surround his disappearance in a small appliance-related incident in the Hotel Cornarvin Geneva and, assertions by the disgraced Inspector Berglàre of L'Autoritée Suisse to the contrary, the case remains open and no definitive conclusion has been reached. The Professor's status remains "Disappeared presumed missing". ANSWER:


Barrington Cheekie with brother Paulston shortly before his tragic accident.

Barrington Cheekie [93] with brother Paulston Cheekie [89] shortly before his tragic accident. Younger brother Jameston ["Jimmy"] [87] who recently married 21 year old fan Lindsey Offa-Hed said of his late brother "He was one of a kind even though there were four of us with the exactly same sense of humour, the same looks and the same act. If he too had married a much younger woman he might be alive today. I mean who dives through a lighted gas ring when you can be tucked up at home with a girl like Lindsay".

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