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A Deltiologist Writes # 14B

From deep inside the Store Cupboard of Terence Over-Whellmed FRDDA

Terence Over-Whellmed FRDDA

Whilst waiting with eager anticipation for my Professor Thrupiece on the Isle of Wight 2018 Calendar (I've ordered early to avoid the potential disappointment of a 12 month only version) I decided to double check my extensive collection of postcards for any Thrupiece images I may have collected over the years. I reasoned that it was only in this way that might I distract myself from the near agonies of the wait for the postman's welcome drop.

An admirer of all aspects of the Professor's work for nearly 60 years, I am especially drawn to his photography as well as his work with Ms Sizemore (the more "au naturelle" the "meilleur"). What a combination of talents! And what peaks of perfection!

Given that I don't get out much, I have scrupulously indexed my collection, so it was the work of a moment to locate an intriguing Isle of Wight 1968 postcard which I firmly believe contains not one but four images sourced from the Professor. Evidence in support of this contention is largely anecdotal (the images are unsigned and uncredited) but I believe conclusive.

It was in late February 1973 whilst my wife was at work that I chanced to take tea with my next door neighbour Gladys Loosways who's husband was - coincidentally - also at work. We chatted about this and that but it was not until we had reached the Rich Dundee that I felt relaxed enough in her company to invite her to examine my expanding assets. As a fellow enthusiast she readily agreed and we popped back home and repaired to the store cupboard intending only a quick poke around. It was whilst we were groping for the thing I had in mind that she stumbled upon a box of unsorted postcards which I had recently acquired at a jumble sale in Corscombe. Imagine my delight when she dextrously examined my valuables and pulled one out! "My goodness", she said, "I think that one might be quite valuable. I think it's a Thrupiece". Conclusive? I think so.

I enclose a photograph of the item in question and wonder if your experts agree that these are indeed Thrupiece images and that they are perhaps even better examples of his photographic art than those featured in the Professor Thrupiece on the Isle of Wight 2018 Calendar. I await your response

Terence Over-Whellmed


*Fellow of the Royal Dorset Deltiologists Association

An Expert Replies:


Experts agree: these are not genuine Thrupiece images and there is no record of a Ms/Mrs Loosways having ever proven the provenance of a Thrupiece work.

Experts agree: these are not genuine Thrupiece images and there is no record of a Ms/Mrs Loosways having ever established the provenance of a Thrupiece work.

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