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Latest Legova Lifts Lydlinch

The daring artistic collaboration between the Thrupiece Philharmonic Society, Hornimint Records, and the Russian Melodiya record label has already yielded untold artistic treasures (witness last month's Hinton Martell open-air Аутумн Мусиц -Фест which, had it not been completely washed-out by rainstorms would have brought before the public for the very first time no less than three world premieres including Tatyana Artilleriova's Crimean Nights (with canons and gunfire). However, the much-anticipated release on CD, audio tape and 8 track cassette of Vladimir Dmitri Probonovich's Symphony No 108 "The 5th of November" is surely set to put all previous efforts distinctly in the shade.

Lydlinch Bridge - hitherto the town's only real attraction. Now thanks to Ms Legova and the Thrupiece Sinfonietta, it has secured its place in musical history.

Described by Russian music expert Sergei Dubleklevski as "a masterpiece of post-perestroikan meretricious note-spinning" the piece is fearsome in its complexity, extravagant in its orchestral layout and demanding of even the most virtuosic orchestral musicians. It celebrates the famous night of 5th November 1736 when Святой Анатолий Царь-баитер (Saint Anatoly the Czar-baiter set fire to a box of salt-herring in the Kremlin in the hope of deposing the Csar - instead he accidentally invented smoked mackerel and set up a concession outside the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg). So is the famed Ms Legova and her hand-picked orchestra up to it? Evidently not, since the release features an arrangement of the original for the reduced forces not of the full Thrupiece Philharmonic Orchestra but rather its leaner relation: the Thrupiece Sinfonietta.

The new release

"We try out piece with full orchestra", Ms Legova explains. "Is too difficult for old ones who cannot finger in right way. We try many times but is not possible. So I call Maestro Probonovich and ask: can we do little version for players who can play? He is generous in reply. He says, 'Irina, piece is never played anyway so you do what you like'. So we do it and is ok. Some places not so good even with best players. 'No worry Irina', says record producer, 'we do patches and where is terrible we put big boom from firework. Max is genius. I love him to bits and pieces. Usually on Tuesdays". or

Written in 2007, The 5th of November is Probonovich's 108th symphony. It is cast in a single movement lasting a little over 5 minutes. The Hornimint/Melodiya release was recorded live at the Lydlinch Guy Fawkes celebrations on Saturday evening and is a rush release in time for Bonfire night across the rest of Dorset. The CD release is complemented by a video release of the Lydlinch performance complete with bangers, zig-zags, silver fountains, a catherine wheel and roman candles.

Audio release available from the orinoco store HERE or from the TPO Digital Concert Hall [HERE] below:

Video release BELOW

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