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Return To Form For thrupiecefilm

New from thrupiecefilm this week in association with THREADBONELIBERTY-MEDIA comes New York: The Phantom Flurries - the giant corporations's contribution to the annual Christmas blockbuster fest. Filmed entirely on location in "the big apple" using a drone, it was, according to technical effects director and remote flight operator Iva Drone, "filmed entirely on location in 'the big apple' using a drone".

thrupiecefilm executives are hoping that queues for New York: The Phantom Flurries will be as long and as enthusiastic as those for its previous actorless-film Ain't Misbehavin which starred a young(ish) Professor Thrupiece.

A searing indictment of the impact of climate change on one of the world's great cities this is a film to enthral, outrage, terrify and fascinate at the same time. "Actions speak louder than words and words can be tricky when delivered by second rate actors, so for this one we have boldly dispensed with words and with actors too. It's a first - it has never been tried before - well by us at least", says producer Louis B Threadbone who is "a big fan of actor-less films". "Actors just get you in to all kinds of trouble", he said, "even when you are generous enough to invite them back to your hotel suite for a drink and duvet tog testing session ... in my experience, drones are more forgiving and less likely to take you to court".

So is the drone the star of the show? "I would say so yes", says Unique Dorset Drones editor and model aeroplane enthusiast Ayr Fixx, "but then again I haven't seen the film yet. Still it's hard to upstage a drone - especially when it's working".

Back at thrupiecefilm, the publicity department is in overdrive and has released a two minute promo, profits from the screening of which go directly to the producers.

What the critics are saying:

*** "At last - an intelligent film from thrupiecefilm. Hooray and happy holidays"

MICAHAEL BILLEOUS Sydling St Nicholas Sun

**(*) "Almost makes one think"

JONATHAN TOSS Bradpole Film Monthly

**(?*?) "Patchy with long periods of drift and the odd flurry of journeyman film making"

DILYS BADEN-BADEN Dorset Entertainment Fortnightly

(*)*(?)(?) "Makes you long for the days of the Hollywood studio system"

RITA HAYRICK Los Angeles Nostalgia Magazine

(????) "It's a thriller and no mistake - had me on the edge of my Hans Zimmer frame"

ALFRED HALFCOCK Castle Coombe Gerontologist

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