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2020 DHRA Calendar Goes On Sale

The much anticipated DHRA Calendar of Romance 2020 is now on sale. Published on behalf of the DHRA by the Threadbone Press, the Calendar is the must-have item of the New Year. This year's edition, with its customary inspirational Foreword by DHRA President for Life, Mrs Amanda J Threadbone, features a series of delightful line-art scenes especially commissioned by the DHRA from local artists and recent DHRA recruits Yu Cutte and Isla Paste.

Described by Threadstone's staff as "perhaps the most elegant yet, with the added advantage that all of the months and most of the dates are in the right order" the Calendar is expected to outsell the 2019 edition. However, that Calendar holds a record which is unlikely to be broken by this year's edition: "fastest to the remainder bin". The 2019 Calendar could be purchased in several bargain outlets for as little as 10% of its original cover price only a week after publication. The publishers have denied that 56% of stock went into landfill. This year an air of caution surrounds the Calendar's release: only 28 have been printed - one for free distribution to each DHRA member with 2 spares "just in case".

Beat the rush and save paper by downloading a Pre-publication copy of that 2020 DHRA Calendar of Romance HERE

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