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A Hospital Mystery Romance Reader Writes

An occasional series in which a Hospital Mystery Romance Reader shares his or her or they thoughts with fellow sufferers. All proceeds go to Help the Touched

Reader #36 Anne Tiseptik

Like many of your readers, I was thrilled to hear that Emma Roid's Herston General Hospital Mystery Romances will once more be available for purchase. Dr Carrington is simply dreamy and I so wish he and nurse Wellbeloved would "get it on". Watching them working together and the obvious spark they share has been one of the great reading pleasures of my life and I do hope they will marry and have many babies. Imagine all those little Carringtons growing up to be doctors and nurses and saving lives all over the world [or perhaps just Dorset if they remain a closely-knit family]. Whenever I think of the DHS and the pressures it must be under, saving very old people from the slightly-delayed-inevitable, I thank the Lord for Dr Carrington and Nurse Wellbeloved. I imagine that between them they have saved many basket-cases that others would have thought irretrievably lost. [Might they perchance have been the un-named team which brought PM Mrs Endersley-Kindersley back from the brink only last week?]. In any event, they are an inspiration and I can't wait for my CONTRIK-69-proof wipe-down dishwasher safe plasticated opportunistic edition to land on the mat.

Anne: less a stranger to hospitals than real-life romance. As the photograph clearly shows, not all of her literature comes from the orinoco store. This one came in a plain wrapper from an unidentified supplier.

Thinking about all of this has made me wonder whether the government might not have missed a trick. Should it not have had the foresight to arrange for Dr Carrington and Nurse Wellbeloved to have procreated much earlier? Had they done so we would have had so many more upcoming brilliant medical minds available to fight CONTRIK-69 and the world would not be in the turmoil it is. I calculate [perhaps speculate [Ed]] that if Dr Carrington saves approximately 25 times more lives than any other surgeon [including many who ordinary clinicians consider lost causes] then 25 of his and Nurse Wellbeloved's offspring would have saved 625 lives - quite some discount on the reported 3.4 billion deaths worldwide.

Still, and be that as it may, I am happy to report that the gloom of house arrest and fear of being tasered by the police for going out to buy an Easter egg has been truly lifted by the thought of a copy of Accident and Engagement winging its way towards me in the post [as an orinoco optimus customer it will be priority delivered by July 14th]. I did, of course, buy a copy when the book was first issued, but a shortage of toilet-paper in these parts means it was sacrificed in a greater cause. Sadly, A spoonful of Love and Emergency Ward Love went the same way.

PS I was considering ordering a copy of E S Collater's Don't Go into the Garden Mohammed but worry it might turn me into a Muslim. Is there any clinical evidence to confirm or allay my fears?

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