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A Message From Mrs Threadbone

Enrique as Santa: A New Portrait

Though you - my friends, relatives and even loved-ones - are doubtless besieged by Christmas greetings and messages of love, peace and goodwill [together with the occasional barely disguised begging letter from one's more importunate acquaintances] I hope you will find room in your hearts, minds and hard-drives for this modest yet heartfelt greeting from the beating epicentre of the Threadbone Corporation's estates - my beautiful home Threadbone Towers.

Enrique joins me in wishing you a joyous noel and adds his own Felice Navidad - which I believe is Spanish for something Christmas-related or possibly the name of a flamenco dancer he was much-taken with over the summer before I steered him on a steadier course. In any event, as we raise a glass or two and Enrique hopes for a big one [I've been teasing him by telling him he's only got a small one this year!] we wish you all the merriest of Christmases and the most blessèd of New Years.

In the meantime, please note, you should expect no further personal communications until 3rd January 2020 and any correspondence will be dealt with by a member of my staff.


Mrs Amanda J Threadbone

Dictated by Mrs Amanda J Threadbone and released in her absence.

[President, CEO, CIO, Executive Chair and General Panjandrum, Threadbone Corporation Ltd and Threadbone International Inc]

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