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Adding Insult To Art

Fears were voiced today that the recent campaign aimed at "insulting, degrading and savagely diminishing" the person and image of the otherwise super-finely polished celebrity and hitherto wholly untarnished icon of the Threadbone Corporation - CEO* Mrs Amanda J Threadbone - might have taken a more insidious - and frankly more frighteningly stylish tone, reporters for the Sydlong St Nicholas Sun revealed today.

* Also Chair, President [for LIFE], CIO and General Panjandram in Chief [Ed].

Those responsible for the outbreak of Threadbone-directed "insult installations" have become bolder and more aggressive in their intrusions into more and more private space. What began as an outbreak of desecrations on public-facing walls [TOP] has recently invaded the home territory of Threadbone Vice-Chair Mr Royston Binstock [BOTTOM]

Though a charge of tasteful sophistication is not one commonly levelled at poisonous graffiti of the kind that has recently been appearing on walls around the county, the most recent examples of the "Mrs Threadbone Sucks" "street art", may, says Street Artist and Popular Culture Vulture #Mai Bant-Waggontoo - could just be heading towards that description. "Crudely-daubed desecrations [or "Equal Opportunity, Diversity Aware, Open Platform, Insult installations" as we now prefer to call them] may, by tradition, be considered a low form of art - even a lesser breed of popular culture if you will - but the recent manifestations which have appeared recently in poster form on bus shelters, outside museums, galleries and concert halls as well as theatres, town halls and other public access facilities [does he mean toilets? [ed]] seem to have taken a distinctly upward cultural turn, aiming for an altogether more hieratic effect and carrying the message to perhaps a more influential audience. Campaigns of this kind often learn as they go along and altering the opinion of the power brokers, social media influencers and critics such as myself has come to be seen as key in any successful attempt to promote, undermine or otherwise alter the public's perception of a thing, person or idea", he said. "I believe those responsible have become both more serious and more radical in their presentation. There is a newly found confidence - dare I say stylistic impertinence - in the re-drawn artwork, especially in the signature penis which is now both more explicit and more semiotically defined ... all in all I would say the whole thing is now moving in a much more positive direction".

A new more measure and perhaps more sinister approach

All of this stands in firm contract to Mrs Threadbone herself, who, a source close to the Threadbone Corporation Board Room, revealed today "is definitely moving nowhere and certainly not in any direction". "Like the Queen, Mrs Threadbone believes that a responsibility is not easily laid aside. For her life means life - whether it be for convicted serial street artists or Presidents of multi-national corporations".

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