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Aiding And Abetting

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

The good folks at Great Heaving swung heavily into pre-Christmas charity mode today with the launch of the annual ThrupAid/Dorset Relief fundraising marathon during which the giant corporations and their erstwhile sponsors target the vulnerable with the aim of facilitating a little financial redistribution - from periphery to centre - under the guise of one enormous festival of fun.

Encouraging the not-so-well-off to give up their hard earned cash to fund projects devised by [and generally for the benefit of] their masters falls into a noble tradition stretching back to at least the Normans and quite possibly the Stone Age. This year's event - which "enjoys" the patronage and "directional leadership" of Threadbone Corporation CEO, CIO, President and Chair Mrs Amanda J Threadone - kicked off with the publication of a book of "all new and essential Dorset landscapes" - described by publishers The Threadbone Press as an example of high culture placed at the service of low expectations.

Organisers say this is the first time the visual arts have been drawn into the Dorset Relief programme which has generally focussed on bringing back into the spotlight aged rock stars long put out to pasture and more often than not incapable of holding a guitar let alone a note. The ThrupAid concerts - held at the massive Threadbone Stadium, Bearwood - have been responsible for lengthening the career of many a group including Ziggy Osmington and the Boners whose marathon [12 minute] session provided some evidence that several members of the ensemble were still alive.

However, this year, organisers felt it was time for change and it was at the suggestion of Chair of the Dorset Relief Fundraising Committee Mrs Amanda J Threadbone that helpmeet and art expert Enrique de los Caicos Periods was invited to curate "The Only Book of Dorset Landscapes You'll Ever Need", a magnificent and surprisingly varied collection of timeless watercolours celebrating the natural heritage of our county.

Purchasers will, Mrs Threadbone believes, be delighted with the stylishly produced volume and will be able to rest happy in the knowledge that not only have they enriched themselves and their families culturally, but, in addition, they have greatly enriched the Great Heaving business community as well. "For us it's a win win", Dorset Relief spokesperson Robin M Blynde said, "for the punters... maybe not so much".

Download your digital copy of "The Only Book of Dorset Landscapes You'll Ever Need" HERE

[Terms and conditions apply, online copy per customer; you will be charged at a premium rate. No returns and strictly no cash back]

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