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Annus Iberorum

Recipients of yesterday's New Year's Greeting from Great Heaving - other, that is, than the ocularly-challenged - will have noticed a small - almost subliminal - reference to The Year of Enrique in the top left hand corner of the exquisite design. Knowing a little - as we do - of founder Mrs Threadbone's penchant for a certain former Spanish Boy Scout we wondered whether this might be a reference to her long-time amanuensis and former Mr Threadbone helpmeet Enrique de los Chicos Perdidos whose presence at Threadbone Towers has, we understand, been such a comfort to the maturing widow over the last several years.

Hoping to find out more, we sent our most seasoned reporters hither and thither [New Year's Day impediments and CONTRIK-69 restrictions notwithstanding] only to draw a series of disappointing blanks as the folks at the Threadbone Corporation offered only annoyingly knowing smiles [or were they smirks?] whilst remaining characteristically tight-lipped on the substantive issues.

Happily investigations through our Spanish affiliate - Profesor Thrupiece Inquisiciones ibéricas S.R.L. - yielded more promising results, whilst the consequent suggested purchase of Español Húmedo y Dispuesto Niño-scout Mensual [Wet and Willing Spanish Boy Scout Monthly] proved a very promising [if somewhat disturbing] line of inquiry.

Español Húmedo y Dispuesto Niño-scout Mensual - helpful in finding that little something you are looking for but can't find on the High Street.

Piecing all of these researches together we can now say with reasonable certainty that in certain Spanish-speaking nations, 2021 is to be the Year of the Boy Scout [Año del Niño-scout], "celebrando todo lo bueno de la libre asociación de jóvenes afines y los hombres más experimentados que pueden guiarlos hacia la realización personal mutua" ["celebrating all that is good about the free association of like-minded young boys and the more experienced men who can guide them towards mutual personal fulfilment"]. It has been made plain to us that in certain Spanish jurisdictions such affairs are entirely above board and possibly even legal. [Dorset troop leaders are amongst those bewailing the reduced influence of European law on English "freedoms of expression" today, post the Drexit deal, fearing they will be unable to celebrate with the same immunity from prosecution enjoyed by their more fortunate Spanish counterparts.]*

* Surely social distancing rules buggers everything anyway [Sub-Ed] or prevents it [Ed]

Meanwhile the personalization [dare we say embodiment] of the designated Celebration in the form of The Year of Enrique stands as touching witness to the esteem in which the ex-Spanish Boy Scout Enrique de los Chicos Perdidos continues to be held amongst the powers that be in Great Heaving whilst, at the same time, paying subtle homage to his background and cultural roots. In an unattributed statement, a hard-pressed source close to the thrupieceorganisation admitted that iconic leader Mrs Threadbone has always been very partial to Enrique's cultural root and that exploration of it had often gone on long into the [Spanish] nigjht.

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