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Anxious reader - Firmley Klentch-d'Buttoxe - has written to say that he is unclear what comparisons are being drawn between the two “ very different” portraits of Earnest VIII and Brian I and wonders, therefore, whether in order to find any congruence at all between them, "substances have been imbibed, inhaled or consumed". This we consider a calumny. Shame on you Mr Firmley Klentch-d'Buttoxe. [You'd think with a name like that he'd keep a lower profile [Ed].]

Having failed to spot even a single striking resemblance between them himself, Mr Klentch-d'Buttoxe goes on to accuse us of Preconceived Perceptual Blindness [PPB] "seeing only that which has already been firmly pre-supposed“ - a far cry from the objective observational/inductive and/or standard hypothetico-deductive models we have "every right to see deployed in the kind of objective judgement formation to be expected in a so-called academic discussion forum". *

* He clearly hasn't been to an academic seminar recently [Ed]

A spectacular example of shooting the messenger, we invite Mr Klentch-d'Buttoxe to consider that any deliberately constructed resemblance between two images was in the minds of the artist in question and designed to strike chords in the consciousness of Brian I's subjects and not's readership. They were, therefore, political inventions necessary to the pursuit of an historic goal, not a constructed meta-narrative pertinent to present perception and/or aesthetic theorising. Accordingly, we reject unequivocally Mr Klentch-d'Buttoxe outrageous suggestion of presentism on our part. [Even supposing we were thinking in the first place [Ed].]

Further, we suggest Mr Klentch-d'Buttoxe pays close attention to the following or gets a better pair of spectacles or sods-off back to the iconographically-illiterate and deeply philistine swamp from which he crawled. [Bit strong? [Ed].]


Publication of this image is made possible through the sponsorship of HORNIMINT makers of Sexychoc™ the after-dinner encourager that "works as well today as it did in yesteryear".

Point-by-Point Comparison and SCOGNITION™ [Similarity Recognition] with an explanatory checklist for Thickies like Mr Klentch-d'Buttoxe [courtesy of Threadbone Imaging Inc]

Correspondence about this [disputed] correspondence/similarity is now closed [Ed]

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