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Bin with Two Discarded Post-its

It is with great pleasure that we bring to our readers' attention the following extract from the most recent Sotherbone's Catalogue:

Bin with Two Discarded Post-its

Professor Brian Thrupiece

Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 12"


A rare opportunity to acquire an original Thrupiece canvas of known provenance and great historical significance. Discerning collectors, as well as those with shallower pockets, will know that mature artworks by the Professor are both highly regarded and highly sought after by connoisseurs worldwide. Since most remain in private hands, the availability of a significant work at auction is, to say the least, unusual.

Bin with Two Discarded Post-its dates from c1987 and is typical of the artist's formalist period during which he simplified his style, economised his aesthetic and turned his attention from people to things. Believed to be a representation of the Professor's own waste-paper basket, it is considered both characteristic and biographical. It is unsigned, though the absence of a signature is not untypical of his formalist period - a time when the Professor was struggling to find a graphic representation of his name which properly reflected both his aesthetic aspirations and his financial demands. The picture has been authenticated by The Thrupiece Institute and is sold with all appropriate certificates and guarantees.
Formerly the property of a Lady, it is offered "as seen". The large organic stain on the back of the canvas is not considered "post-mortem" as it were, but rather the result of an accident involving the over-excited Professor and his muse of the time [DNA confirmation awaited].
GUIDE PRICE: £265,000

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