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Brian's Back

Hardworking Brian the Bio-ethically Curious Engine's latest appearance is once again backed by the RSCBE whose imprimatur is seen as a guarantee of educational excellence.

News that Brian the Bio-ethically-Curious Engine is set to appear in another educational video will be greeted with delight by all those who have already taken the hardworking and inventive little engine into their hearts. Generations brought up on the books - which used to be available at W H Threadsmiths bookstalls on every station platform in Dorset - took some time to adjust to their adaptation for television - a translation not helped by thrupiecevideo's decision to employ the grating voice of former ZIggy and the Boner's drummer Dingo Starrbone to narrate the animated series. It has, nonetheless, become one of thrupiecevideo and partner Threadbone Educational's most successful collaborations - outselling rival Harry Corbone's Snooty and Swoop Save the Foodchain by more than 10:1.

Brian and Friend's Adventures in Culinary Bioethical Land is the latest outing for the ever-popular Culinary Bio-ethically curious little fellow. The animated series has been a huge influence on children. Some say for the good.

However, since Brian first took to the small screen 15 years ago, he has established himself an enduring hero with children of all ages and has, thrupiecevideo executives say "become even more educationally relevant as we face certain extinction until and unless we mend our extravagant and thoughtless culinary ways". First conceived in an era of culinary innocence, the Reverend Audrey Heartburn-Binstock's little hero is now a torchbearer for the hopes of many a culinary bio-ethical mini-warrior and a constant example of endeavour to those to whom the flame of culinary bio-ethical improvement will soon pass. Chair of the Heartburn-Binstock Literary Estate - Gerald Letts-Makemoney - who took the once-controversial decision to allow animation rights to thrupiecevideo feels that his decision is now vindicated. "People asked at the time whether my grandfather would have approved of our decision to sell the rights as we did. The decision was not straightforward and involved a great deal of soul searching on our part. Eventually, and after a great deal of thought and number crunching, I decided to put aside my misgivings, to press ahead and to accept thrupiecevideo's very large cheque. My relief on banking it was palpable - yes I had made the right call."

Brian and Friend's Adventures in Culinary Bio-ethical Land stars all the usual suspects, including Brian's special friend - Shelley-L the Short-arsed Little Engine - and is available from all good video stockists. An Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray version will be available in high disposable income areas on a strict postcode lottery basis.

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