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Celebrating Freedom Day

The Dorset authorities are ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief today as all indicators suggest that Freedom Day has passed off almost unnoticed. Not coincidentally 95% of the population finds itself under Trick and Trap house arrest following an epidemic of CONTRIK-69 messaging from highly vigilant authorities.

"Most people don't seem to have perceived much difference between today and yesterday if the truth be told", an official spokesperson for the Combined Dorset CONTRIK-69 Coordination Group [CDCCG] said. "It's pretty much business as unusual, with the vast majority of the public cowered into submission and so uninterested in life that they just can't summon up the enthusiasm to "celebrate" or even complain." With everyone now successfully "pinged", it's been very quiet on the streets", she continued, " which is just as well since most shops, offices and transport systems are now paralyzed due to an acute shortage of staff, supplies, customers, power and/or interest". "You could say apathy has won in the end, though that sounds a bit positive, given nobody cares less either way".

The RDC has reported little or no unusual activity - just "the usual suspects" trying to make a futile bid for freedom. "Clearly they don't know what freedom means or how lucky they are to have it", a spokesperson for the CDCCG said.

"Bar the usual small number of people trying to make a break for it, we have had no reports of unseemly behaviour and no more than the usual number of abusive calls," an RDC spokesperson said. "All-in-all it has passed off more quietly than we feared and we are pretty much in control. Be assured that all of our efforts are unwaveringly directed at keeping it that way".

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