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Chance: A Fine Thing

A chance find in a Batcombe house has led to a good deal of scholarly excitement today as details have emerged of a new Professor Thrupiece fragment which, experts say, sheds light on his state of mind at a critical stage in his development as a [relatively] small boy. Advanced for his years [he reputedly had a mental age of twenty-six and an IQ of 198 when just three years old] almost any piece of Thrupiece juvenalia is worth it's weight in fluff be it a dawdle, a word or - better still - a whole sentence.

The recently discovered note - which contains more than eight complete sentences [nine] - is, therefore, the subject of intense private and public interest. Thrupiece scholar and Fellow of Professor Thrupiece's old Cambridge College - Dr Lloyds Privat-Banking - believes the new find to be of almost priceless significance ["Commercially it is literally priceless ie has no real value at all, though it is of academic interest [ie no interest at all]"].

However, archivists at the Great Heaving facility where the newly discovered manuscript is being kept under strict security in a specially temperature and humidity controlled room beg to differ. They believe that the manuscript is in fact priceless ["Commercially it is literally priceless ie could be worth whatever a collector is willing to pay and it is, of course, of great academic interest [ie fascinating to those who find this kind of thing fascinating]. In short I can say if you are the kind of scholar who likes this kind of thing then this is the kind of thing you will like].

Precisely what the note contains is being kept firmly under wraps for the time being pending a news conference at 4pm today. However has been given exclusive access to the document and can reveal that it contains references not only to fluff, but to Cicero, dogs, cats, mother and the Royal Marines.

Can't wait until 4pm? CLICK HERE

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