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In what is being billed as "the concert of the century", Buckland Ripers Arts Council is once again staging an opera spectacular with The Three Tenors* [*you've never heard of] as part of its "Get Me Out Of Here" Summer of Music Festival 2023. Not to be confused with The Three Tenors ™ ® you have actually heard of [one dead, one retired, one hiding in Russia] The Three Tenors* [*you've never heard of] taking to the stage at the Amanda J Threadbone Stadium, Corporation Road, Buckland Ripers on Wednesday 28 June are [in no particular order]: D'Arco Beardio, Facio Grinnio and Falsetto Notso-Thinnio. They will be singing the usual mixture of popular arias, Dorset folk songs and novelty items designed to impress the impressionable.

Wednesday's concert will be the 18th "concert of the century" the trio have presented since first appearing in 2018 following their success on Dorsetitv's popular Dorset's Got Talent show*. Their previous 17 were well received but did little to raise their public profile or increase their recognition. Consequently, they remain The Three Tenors* [*you've never heard of].

* For the record, Dorsetitv successfully defended a case brought by DOFCOM under the Trade Descriptions Act when lawyers for the broadcaster argued that "talent" was a term capable of wide interpretation and did not necessarily imply expertise or excellence in any form.

Managed exclusively by talent agency Threadbone Artists' Management [formerly THE HORNIMINT ALL-STARS TALENT AGENCY] [HERE], The Three Tenors* [*you've never heard of], are available for private bookings - no event too small, no engagement too insignificant; meals in lieu considered though Falsetto Notso-Thinnio stipulates double portions.

Copies of their latest ["best selling"**] CD are available from The Box Office, Amanda J Threadbone Stadium, Corporation Road, Buckland Ripers for only £15.99. Signed copies are also available priced at £9.50.

** See note above re Trades Descriptions Act.

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