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Crime Time With Pine

Children's fictional detective favourite Thomas Pine is back in an all new adventure - Death Comes to Dorset - that Threadbone Children's Classics publisher The Threadbone Press will be hoping kickstarts their Summer of Reading initiative: a joint enterprise with quality High Street bookseller Threadstones.

First appearing in 2018, Thomas Pine has racked up twelve adventures to date and this his thirteenth might, says children's book expert - Reade Thyss - be the very best. One hallmark of the series is its willingness to use a fictional detective and his sleuthing adventures as a vehicle for exploring deeper social issues seldom tackled in literature aimed at the under fives. Naturally, this progressive spirit has attracted its fair share of critics with some parents arguing that crime, serial killing, psychopathy and murderous mayhem is not an appropriate setting in which to explore the really serious issues of gender identity, recycling and electric vehicle shortcomings. Each to his own.

However, the folks at the Threadbone Press believe the world would be a poorer place if such ill-founded concerns led parents to take an over-protective attitude to the matter of what their children read. Surely if they are old enough to understand that a cat and a budgerigar might not be natural bedfellows [or equally easy to spell] they are ready to embrace the fact that people get murdered, loved ones disappear and not everybody is a straight, petrol-vehicle driving wife-beater.


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