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Es Un Poeta Y Lo Sabe

Enrique photographed in 2015 for Dorset Country Life

In what is generally being welcomed as "good news" for poetry lovers, the fifth volume of verse by versatile ex-Spanish boyscout Enriqué de los Chicos Perdidos is about to hit the shelves. Entitled Poems 2023 it contains a number of poems written [we surmise] in 2023.

Better known to many as a "talented" painter* [though he first came to prominence as the late Mr Threadbone's imported nut tightener], the artist formerly known as Enriqué took up poetry when he realised that "stringing almost any words together in some sort of rhythm seems to qualify".

enrique's second volume of verse received mixed reviews

Having made the discovery and with the uncritical support and unlimited resources of life-sharer Mrs Amanda J Threadbone behind him, he was soon "up and running". His second collection oily spendthrift porcine lighthouse [2017] sold several copies and was Threadstone employee Neva Reedham's Poetry Book of the Month.

* Art critic Oylon Kanvass said of him: "he is no Picasso and therefore not without talent albeit in a rather Spanish way" [See Oylon Kanvass [2021] Modern Spanish Painters: The 2,000 Least Known Practitioners [The Threadbone Press]. This is not to be confused with Oylon Kanvass [2019] Twenty Thousand Spanish Paintings You Shouldn't See Before You Die [Orinoco Online Print-on-Demand Digital Self-Publishing]

The new volume goes on sale on Friday and is available exclusively through Threadbone's the quality high street bookseller. However, premium subscribers to can download their own digital copy from midnight tonight by clicking on the image [LEFT] and entering the word CRAPFEST [all capitals] if prompted.

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