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Quality jigsaw manufacturer Threadijig has issued a new puzzle in time to catch the Christmas market. Traditionally a time of family fracture, bad temper, boredom, divorce and even murder, tension during the festive season is often relieved by resort to a traditional soother - the Jigsaw Puzzle. Studies suggest that this generally works - up until the time that frustration with the puzzle itself leads to family fracture, bad temper, boredom, divorce and even murder. Psychologists have warned that if the lockdown ends and protection from family visits is removed during Christmastide, matters will only get worse. [See Madas A Hatta "Better locked down than locked-in with the locked-in-laws", Dorset Journal of Psychometrics, November 2020.]

Experts say a good jigsaw can relieve family tension provided it is attempted by only one person at a time

Described by the manufacturer as "minutes of fun for all the family" the latest puzzle in its 5,000 piece precision "Softclick Technology" Premium Series features an intriguing "puzzle within a puzzle". Once the jigsaw itself has been completed, family members aged 4-94 can search for two hidden images of Professor Thrupiece - a quest said to add at least an extra minute of family fun.

STATE OF PLAY: Typically this is how far most puzzles get. Dad has done the easy bits and no-one can be arsed to do the rest.

Far be it for us to spoil a great Christmas adventure, but solvers might need to know that in this very challenging puzzle the Professor is depicted as a schoolboy - and that school cap might just be a giveaway!!

Threadijig executives have released a limited edition of the puzzle on sticky-back plastic - an innovation which enables solvers to mount and frame the completed puzzle for permanent display. However, potential buyers should be warned that mistakes are impossible to correct so that the traditional trial-and-error fitting procedure should not be pursued. There has yet been no official comment on the rumour currently circulating that completed puzzles - ready for instant mounting - will be released early next month for those who "like a shortcut".

The less gifted jigsaw puzzler will be relieved to know that two simplified online versions of the puzzle are available via the following links. exclusive:

70 Piece Version [sponsored by "Special Needs 'R Us", Fifehead Magdalene Educational Services]

560 Piece Version [sponsored by "F**k I Need Glasses", 8 The High Street, Corfe Mullen]

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